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  • Casual authentic Italian!

    It is a familiar shop like a restaurant where local people casually stop by in the beautiful streets of Naples!

    We offer a full course dinner menu including pizza and pasta, and even a great lunch set,

    Please come and taste Napoli pizza baked in a real pizza kiln!

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  • Our signboard menu

    Our signboard menu

    Ruccola and raw ham's pizza!

    Very healthy and very popular among women!

    Bragging fabrics are crisp outside, fluffy inside

    Serve deliciously until your ears!

  • Shops casually stop by

    Shops casually stop by

    I am aiming for such an atmosphere store.

    Within the bustle of the city, in a shop that came to travel to the real Italy,

    Would you like to come and have a moment to take a break?

    I am waiting for preparing real pizza and Italian wine!

    As a cafe, you are welcome to use only drinks!

  • menu

    We also recommend Caprese with Mozzarella cheese making homemade at our shop! Enjoy the rich fragrance of extra virgin olive oil! We will prepare other chefs to chew our other chefs.

  • wine

    We have a large selection of Italian wines! Italian wines made in 20 provinces are very rich in variations, so you can enjoy various flavors depending on producing areas and wineries. In the lineup carefully selected by wine lovers' owner, you should surely find the best one for you!

  • chef

    After having graduated from high school, our chef who experienced childhood early years in Italy studied single course to Naples where I remembered. Practice Napoli pizza where you have learned and learned in Italy aiming for cooks!